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Ride Share Sexual Assault Lawyer

Ride Share Sexual Assault

Ride Share Sexual Assault

The Troubling Rise of Ride Share Sexual Assaults and the Lawyers Fighting for Justice.

Over the past decade, ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft have transformed how we get around cities and towns across America. With the tap of a smartphone app, you can summon an affordable private ride to take you wherever you need to go. While incredibly convenient, this new technology has also created opportunities for predators to attack vulnerable passengers. Sexual assaults in ride share vehicles have become a deeply concerning issue.

Just how widespread is the problem? It’s hard to know for certain since lack of transparency around reporting makes the data murky. However, some statistics point to over 3,000 rideshare sexual assaults in the U.S. in recent years – and that may just be the tip of the iceberg with an untold number going unreported. Critics argue the ride share companies have been slow to implement stronger safety measures and have pushed to keep tight lids on data regarding these incidents.

For victims of sexual misconduct during a ride, the trauma can be profound and long-lasting. They must also navigate a confusing legal landscape to seek justice and restitution. This is where ride share sexual assault lawyers come in – advocates with the specific expertise to take on these companies in complex civil cases.

What Constitutes Ride Share Sexual Assault? Under the law, ride share sexual assault or misconduct includes any instance of non-consensual sexual act or sexual contact facilitated through working for or utilizing a transportation network company (TNC) like Uber or Lyft. This could involve rape, attempted rape, groping, harassment, indecent exposure, forcible touching, and other criminal sexual offenses.

According to reports, victims have included riders sexually assaulted by drivers as well as drivers assaulted by riders. Vulnerable individuals like minors, inebriated persons, and those with disabilities appear to be particularly at risk. Some victims have reported their assailant driver took circuitous routes to isolated areas before attacking.

The Responsibilities of Ride Share Companies Legally, TNCs must take reasonable steps to protect passengers’ and drivers’ safety by screening workers, implementing safety protocols, and responding appropriately to abuse reports. However, many ride share sexual assault lawsuits hinge on the debate of whether the companies are doing enough.

Lawyers in these cases often argue the TNCs have abdicated their legally obligated duty of care and protection by:

  • Failing to conduct adequate background checks on drivers
  • Lacking robust processes for promptly investigating misconduct claims
  • Stonewalling victims and impeding law enforcement
  • Not incorporating safety features like vehicle audio/video recording
  • Writing binding arbitration clauses into terms of service to discourage lawsuits

Major rideshare litigation has alleged companies like Uber prioritize growth and profits over implementing more rigorous safeguards. Plaintiffs have accused them of trying to deliberately conceal and misrepresent sexual assault data.

Why Hire a Ride Share Sexual Assault Lawyer? Taking legal action against a major ride share corporation is an uphill battle for victims. These are large companies with powerful legal teams focused on minimizing payouts and liability. You need attorneys with intimate knowledge of ride share legislation and previous cases to successfully take them on.

Ride share sexual assault lawyers understand the intricate relationship between TNCs and their contracted drivers. They know the questions to ask, evidence required, and pressure points regarding duty of care. These experienced litigators can assess damages, build strong civil cases, fight arbitrary arbitration demands, and tenaciously advocate for maximum compensation.

Many of these law firms handle ride share assault lawsuits on a contingency basis, meaning clients aren’t charged any upfront fees. Their deep comprehension of this unique legal realm aims to cut through corporate obfuscation and deliver justice. They can also leverage high-profile cases as a way to compel TNCs to implement stronger safety standards industry-wide.

The Physical and Emotional Toll Survivors of ride share sexual assaults have described ongoing emotional trauma, physical injuries, & feelings of vulnerability. Potential damages can include:

  • Mental anguish, PTSD •Depression, anxiety •Physiotherapy costs •Missed work •Counseling/therapy expenses

Having a compassionate legal ally who will tenaciously seek maximum compensation for current and future damages is crucial.

While ride share sexual assault lawsuits deliver financial restitution, they also send a message to corporations that these egregious crimes will not be tolerated. Through the diligent work of specialized lawyers, TNCs can be held accountable and pressured to take responsibility.

Reforms and a Safer Future for Ride Sharing Though customer safety policies are improving, critics still argue more can and should be done by ride share companies to protect passengers and drivers. Potential reforms proposed by safety advocates and legal experts include:

  • Comprehensive background checks incorporating fingerprint databases
  • In-vehicle audio/video recording to deter misconduct and capture evidence
  • Robust protocols for investigating claims and appropriately disciplining bad actors
  • Major transparency reporting requirements around assault data
  • Permitting riders to choose driver’s gender if desired
  • In-app panic buttons connecting riders to emergency services
  • Implementing AI to detect concerning behavior/situations in real-time
  • Safety awareness training programs for riders and drivers

Through dedicated litigation, ride share sexual assault lawyers can play an oversight role and compel TNCs to both compensate victims and double down on prevention.

While technological innovations often initially outpace comprehensive safety protocols, the rising number of attacks demonstrates an urgent need to make ride sharing a safer experience. Tireless legal advocates are utilizing the civil court system and the threat of high-profile reputational damage to pressure Uber, Lyft, and others to clean up their safety practices. Victims of this unacceptable crime deserve support in seeking justice – and preventing future assaults by rideshare drivers.

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